10 Pairs of Heels Every Women Should Own

I cannot believe I am about to say this: Women only need 10 pairs of heels in her wardrobe.

I know what you’re thinking…”Rachel, you have going on 100 pairs of heels in your wardrobe!?”

That is because I am addicted and I bring you shoe reviews so I am taking one for the team here…

So let’s run down the 10 pairs of heels that all women should own:

Black Pointed Toe Stilettos

If you do not own a pair of black pointed toe stilettos, what are you even doing!? This is a staple in every wardrobe! It goes with almost everything, skirts, pants, jeans… In the picture above, I am wearing my Steve Madden pointed toe stiletto’s with a 4″ heel.

Nude Pointed Toe Stilettos

For whatever your black stilettos do not go with, the nude will!! Get a pair!  In the picture above I am wearing my Nasty Gal nude stilettos with a 5″ heel.


One of my favorite looks is a pair of flare denim, and booties.

I categorize booties as closed toe, and sit just below the ankle bone.

The photo above is my Guess booties, with a 4.75″ heel.

Lace-Up High Heels

These are technically boots, but closed toe boots and lace-up boots are not the same, that’s why you need both.  These shoes look good with things like the little black dress, denim, leggings, and the list goes on.  The shoes in the above photo are the Roma Cherry lace up boots with a 4.75″ heel.

Strappy High Heels

One of my newest pairs of heels from AmiClubwear.  I actually paid for these because I wanted to ensure I had them in my possession.  Best 17.99 I ever spent. I am obsessed with these shoes. Strappy sandals like these are so much fun and can go with outfits like mini skirts, capris, leggings, denim or dresses.  The above photo is my multi print gladiator open toe stilettos with a 5.5″ heel.

Thigh High Boots

The easiest way to feel sexy, is to wear a dress, with a pair of thigh high boots.

I unfortunately have a very difficult time finding thigh high boots because I have fairly large thighs and calves, therefore, I have to wear a pair of lace up boots.   These boots in the photo above are from AmiClubwear, in burgundy with a 4″ heel.

Red Stilettos

This goes along the same lines as the black and nude.  Red is an amazing color with white, navy, and black.  I think that my red heels are used the most out of all of the shoes I own, that’s how important I think they are!  Get yourself a pair of these too!   In the photo above, I have the AmiClubwear pointed toe stiletto with a 4.75″ heel.

Fun Heels

Perforated Wing Stilettos

Everyone needs a pair of fun heels.  I am going to leave this up to you to determine what is “fun” however, you are not able to have 1 pair of shoes that qualifies for 2 of these styles I am listing.  They all need to be individual.

One of my favorite pairs of fun heels are my angel wing stilettos. I get so many compliments on these.  Why wouldn’t I? They are a conversation piece!

These shoes are from AmiClubwear and have a 4.75″ heel.

Ankle Strap Stilettos

I know some people are going to fight this one, but sometimes ankle straps can be really fun!! Stay with me!

Ankle straps go with so many different outfits, one of my favorites being with a pair of boyfriend denim rolled up and a simple shirt.  It is so effortless!

In the photo above I have the mint ankle strap pointed toe stiletto with a 4.75″ heel.

Bling Bling

Every women should have a pair of heels with some kind of sparkle.  I will leave this partially up to you to. Whether you want glitter or crystals is up to you, whether you want all over sparkle or sparkle just on the toe box or heel…still up to you.  Even the shape of the shoe can be up to you. But you need to have a pair of sparkly shoes, the LBD needs it.  Do it for the LBD.

In the photo above I have the mesh AmiClubwear stilettos with a 4.75″ heel.

I hope you found this guide to be helpful!   Make sure you have these 10 shoes in your closet! Go get them now!

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