AmiClubwear Review – Thigh High Boots Sue

I have a love and hate relationship with thigh high boots.

In theory, I love thigh high boots. They’re fashionable, they have sex appeal, and can be really flattering to an outfit if worn correctly: which brings me to my next point.

As a fashion lover, it saddens me when people attach a stigma to thigh high boots; and we all know which one that is.

When people see thigh high boots they think that it will over-sexualize an outfit. In some cases this is a valid point, however this thought process needs to come to an end for the sake of fashion, and fashion lovers.

This month for my AmiClubwear shoe picks, I received the Taupe Front Lace Up Over the Knee boots with a pointed toe.

To the women who read my blog: you know that feeling you get when you see Chris Hemsworth without his shirt on? Your heart jumps into your throat and you involuntarily start squealing like a a 90s girl going to a Backstreet Boys concert?  That is exactly what happened when I received these boots.

Now thigh high boots can be tricky.  First of all, these are technically over the knee boots.  However, since I am short, they’re thigh high.

When shopping for over the knee and thigh high boots you need to make sure you know the following information:

  1. Shaft length
  2. Circumference
  3. Material
  4. How the shaft is opened

Let’s dissect these boots with the four aforementioned points:

  1. Shaft length: this is important because if your leg is 24″ and the shaft of the boot is 21″, you’re going to need to make sure that you get the measurement of the widest part of your calf.  The Sue boot is 19″ long, which makes for those with long legs to have an over the knee boot, and it allows for shorter women, like me, to have a thigh high boot.
  2. Circumference: This point is important obviously because you need to know if your thigh, knee and calf will fit into the boot.  This boot has a 16″ circumference.  That being said, the material of this boot has a slight stretch so if you have a 17″ circumference calf, you should be okay.
  3. Material: This goes hand in hand with circumference. If the circumference of the boot is smaller than the circumference of your calf, but the material has some stretch, or there are laces up the front, you will know that the boot should fit.  The Sue boot from AmiClubwear has laces up the front to allow a little extra room which is very appealing to the women who have muscular legs…you know…from walking in heels!  There is a panel in the front of the boot so you cannot see between the laces which is also appealing because then you cannot see the pant through the boot.
  4. How the shaft opens: You probably wouldn’t think this was a huge deal, but it’s actually very important.  There are multiple different ways that a boot shaft can be opened. It can open from mid-calf to the arch of the foot on the inside of the leg, it can be opened from the top of the shaft all the way to the arch of the foot on the inside of the leg, or even from the top of the shaft in the back, to the heel.  In this case, the Sue boot is option #3.  This boot opens from the top of the shaft to the heel in the back.  This is a lifesaver! If you have ever had to pull on a pair of over the knee boots or thigh high boots you know what a struggle it is! This boot is so easy to pull on and off! Not to mention, the laces in the front can be adjusted to the proportions of your legs without having to pull the zipper on the boot from the inside of the leg.

All in all, these boots are amazing.  I wore them the day I went home for Easter and I lasted all day running errands before leaving for Maine.

The heel is a comfortable 4.5″ high, and there is even a cushioned foot bed! *talk about luxury!*

On a scale of 1-10, I give these boots a solid 9.5 on comfort! The toe box is wide enough so all toes can fan out and not be on top of each other.

I think, out of everything about these boots I love, the thing that makes me love them the most, is the faux suede.  These boots are incredibly soft, stretchy, and all around comfortable. After all; every girl needs a comfortable pair of over the knee/thigh high boots!

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