AmiClubwear Shoe Review – J’Adore Wine

J’adore!   For those who don’t speak French, that means “I love”.

Pretty fitting for these shoes I got from AmiClubwear!

I have been really loving the cage stilettos and cage boots they have been adding to their website as of late. It is a surefire sign that spring is upon us! (despite being in New England, and are expecting 12-18″ of snow tomorrow…)

So let’s talk about “J’Adore!”

First off: get a size larger than what you normally wear. I worked up a sweat getting these babies on my feet, and I am a perfect size 9.   They are absolutely gorgeous shoes, but keep in mind that the cage makes them run about a size smaller.

Overall, they are comfortable, I give them a 7 out of 10.

On the sexy scale, I give them a 9. They are an amazingly sexy pair of stilettos!!

These heels stand at a staggering 5″ high with no platform.

These stilettos are not for beginners!!  They take some serious practice, but it will all be worth it because they are a show stopper.

The height of the cage is also at a flattering height.  They are not too high that could possibly cut off the length of the leg, but they’re obviously not too short either.

The heel width measures about one and a half eraser thickness.  They are a pretty standard heel width so that does not make them any harder to walk in.

The fabrication is great for a $17.00 pair of heels!  There are no gaps, no missed stitching, and the sole of the heel is placed evenly with no puckers or lifting.

One of my favorite aspects of this shoe is that there is a quote on the inside sole of the shoe.  It reads the following:

” REDKISS – Every gitl has a special kiss. Love is one kiss away.  Love my shoe and love me too”

You can get your own pair of “J’Adore” here!

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