AmiClubwear Shoe Review – Ki-Danz

Happy Holidays to all of my friends, family and followers!  I cannot believe another year has come and gone so quickly.

I got a lot accomplished this year (in my honest opinion…)

I started following my dreams, I found love in someone who has always been there, I hauled my cookies all the way over the California and to be quite honest, I have never been happier in my life.  Being away from home for the holidays and just in general is hard, especially when you come from such a tight knit family like mine; but you know what they say….distance makes the heart grow fonder!

This post is not about my life, so let’s jump into my very exciting shoe review!

Introducing one of my FAVORITE pairs of shoes I have received from my affiliation with AmiClubwear! This is “Ki-Danz

These shoes are INCREDIBLE. But let’s talk about the statistics:

The heels is 4.75 inches and no platform.  This is a very sexy shoe. Because this has no platform and the heel is so high, this makes the arch of the foot become very prominent.

This is a faux suede and faux pearl shoe, with an open toe and ankle strap.  The ankle strap has an elastic that allows the ankle to flex while walking.  There is no way to adjust the ankle strap, that is why Ki-Danz has the elastic on the inside of the ankle strap.

Another one of my favorite features of Ki-Danz is the amount of detail that has been put into the shoe.  The gold trim around the pearls, the scalloped edges, the lining sewn into the shoe, they’re just amazing!

On a comfort level, I give these a 7 out of 10.  They are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the fact that they have a 4.75 inch heel, but these would not be a “running around all day” shoe, only because of the height of the stiletto.  This is the perfect “cocktail party” or “dinner party” shoe.

Ki-Danz is also a great sexy shoe for the holidays!  Can you say, New Years Eve Party?

You will not be disappointed with this shoe!  You can buy them here! and make sure you check out all of the selection at AmiClubwear!

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