AmiClubwear Shoe Review – Marina Neon

Yesterday I received my February shoe picks for AmiClubwear.  I must say, I am beside myself excited about my picks!

I was so excited to wear my new shoes, I wore my first pair today.

My first pair that I opened I was not expecting to receive as they were sold out when I made my selections.

Introducing: the Neon Pink Pointed Toe Marina Booties

Photos do not do these booties justice. They are beyond amazing.

One of my favorite aspects of these shoes is the thickness (or lack, thereof) of the heel.   The stiletto is about the thickness of an eraser.   The heel is round and the stiletto is the uniform thickness until the sole of the shoe.

Another one of my favorite aspects is what looks like newspaper print and photographs along the platform of the shoe. The images are so vibrant they make the shoes extremely interesting!

The stilettos of the Marina boot measure 5.5 inches tall, with a 1/2 inch platform.

These boots are extremely comfortable; however these shoes are not for beginners!

Because of the height of the stiletto, and the thinness of the heel, these heels really cannot be worn without some serious practice and a decent amount of awareness of how to walk correctly in them without breaking a stiletto or twisting your ankle.

The vibrancy of the stilettos are impressive.  I know neon is bright, but these boots take it to the next level. You can almost hear them coming!!

I have received so many compliments on these Marina booties, and I have only worn them once!

The pointed toe on these Marina booties are a nice touch.  The point helps elongate the leg and obviously in the winter and spring in Massachusetts, it is good to have a closed toe shoe.

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