How To: Break In So Kate by Christian Louboutin

If you have a pair of So Kate shoes by Christian Louboutin, you know what I am talking about.  These shoes are torture.

Do not get me wrong. These are the most gorgeous shoes I currently, and probably will ever have in my closet.  They are also the most expensive, but that has nothing to do with their comfort factor.

My boyfriend bought these shoes for me for Christmas, and I will admit, I almost cried out of absolute joy. Unfortunately now, I only cry out of sheer pain when I wear these babies.

After extensive research online and via YouTube, I have found a way to stretch and break in, PAIN FREE.

Disclaimer: This method will make you look like an idiot to anyone who sees you, so maybe do it when nobody is around!

What you will need:

  1. Christian Louboutin – So Kate
  2. 1 pair of socks
  3. a hair dryer

Step 1: put on the pair of socks

Step 2: place (shove) your foot into the shoes as best you can.

Step 3: Use your hair dryer to heat up the toe-box. I usually heat the toe-box for no less than a minute and a half each.

Step 4: After 90 seconds of direct heat to each shoe, stand, walk and strut, do chores whatever you have to do in the shoes until the shoe temperature goes back to room temperature.

Step 5: When you do take the shoes off after you have done stretching them, I usually ball up the sock and push it down into the toe box just to keep the shoe stretched a bit.

I recommend stretching your shoes once a week, until you can put the shoe on easily without pushing, shoving, or pain.

It is extremely important to keep the your So Kate shoes on until they are back to room temperature. If you take them off before they have cooled, all of the stretching you just accomplished will go back and you will be no closer to comfortable So Kate.

Also, please be advised, these shoes are extremely tall, and the stilettos are very steep. Nothing you do to these shoes, other than altering the height of the stiletto (which is a sacrilege in my book) will make these shoes feel like a “second skin”.

As for fit, I would recommend a woman with an average size 9 shoe, to go with a 40.5 in Christian Loubouin. The toe box (especially with the So Kate) is so narrow, that you really need to go up a fill size, or at least a size and a half.

My So Kate stilettos are a size 40.  When I tried them on in Barney’s in Los Angeles, they were perfect! But it is possible that I was so giddy with excitement that I couldn’t feel my feet at all and didn’t realize that I could have benefited from going up a half a size.

I also have a pair of Christian Louboutin Hot Chick in Tahitian Yellow. They are 130mm tall (yikes), with no platform. I ended up getting a 40.5 in them, and I thank myself everyday that I did because I would never be able to get my foot in them if they were 40s.  I have tried this trick with the Hot Chick, I am well on my way to getting them stretched as well. (Granted, I will not be walking in these anytime soon.)

Regardless, with the technique I outlined above, I have been able to stretch the toe box of my So Kate stilettos to be able to wear out into the world.

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2 thoughts on “How To: Break In So Kate by Christian Louboutin

  1. Marnie

    Love both pair! Yes I’ve stretched a pair of pumps before with that method and They became my go to work shoes. Nice to see you actually wanting to wear luxury shoes. Most women keep them in the closet it’s a shame. You already have experience in heels so I’m sure you’ll walk fine in them with a little practice.



      HI Marnie! Thank you for your comment.

      I agree. Women who own designer shoes should definitely wear them. Not every day, but for special occasions, they should definitely be worn. It is understandable that women want to keep them as close to their original pristine condition, but designers want their shoes to be worn 🙂

      I actually got the yellow Hot Chick’s at a discount because they were used. They have a few scuff marks on them but it is bound to happen with shoes. Unfortunately the Hot Chick is just so high that it will take a very long time for me to be comfortable walking around in them for more than 45 seconds. They may become a collectors item if they increase in value over time 🙂


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