Brilliantly Chic is Back!

Good evening all!

I am so sorry I have not posted in about two months. Life has been so crazy for me.

For those of you who know, I recently packed up all my stuff (pretty much crap…) and moved to California from Massachusetts. I had SO much to do the last two months that I had no time to do anything else.

Starting in September, my boyfriend and I decided the best thing for our relationship was for us to be together; (which makes sense) so between September 4th and October 31, I had to pack up my 950 sqft condo, send an obscenely large pallet from Massachusetts to California, rent my condo, (which includes putting my place up for rent, showing my condo to potential renters, filling out paperwork for new tenants, packing, cleaning, painting, and in the meantime, working full-time.

It has been a ridiculously long two or so months, but I am finally in California with my man, and right now, I couldn’t be happier.

I start my new job at DressBarn as the Assistant Manager on Wednesday, and I am really enjoying my new life with one of my favorite people.  I definitely miss home, I miss family and friends, but with technology what it is today, it is almost like I never even left. (People who saw me all the time notice my absence).

I will hopefully be starting up my show review with AmiClubwear in a few weeks.  I have two pairs that I have to review as soon as I receive them in my shipment of my personal belongings this week.

I personally do not recommend moving across the country, it is hard work, it is stressful, and it is extremely expensive if you are unable to negotiate, and find alternative routes to get out here.

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