The California Life – Christmas Edition

As most of you know who follow my blog and my social media pages (especially Instagram), you know that on November 1st I moved to California from Massachusetts to live with my boyfriend.

The picture above is Zach and I in Boston Harbor, July 4th, 2017.

Zach and I have known each other since I was 19, and he was 27. We actually met online and became best friends.  Long story short, he and I started dating because he and I would always run back to each other for our healthy dose of honesty and reality when our relationships would fail.

We are coming up on a year of dating, and I have been living here for almost a month.

I am definitely loving California. It is a lot warmer than where I would be if I had not moved out here.

This year, I am (unfortunately) not going home for Christmas because of a few reasons that I will not get into…but it is true, I am spending Christmas away from family, but luckily I will have Zach to keep me occupied and keep my mind off of not being with my family.

Zach has always known that I love shoes. He clearly understood that when I moved out here and had 7 large boxes of shoes to unpack into his house. (which we still have not agreed on a solution on where to put them.)

So for my Christmas present this year, my boyfriend got me the ultimate shoe gift.

Yea…you’re seeing that correctly.   Christian Louboutin shoes.

I cannot tell you how long I have gushed over these shoes…and I have only wanted a very specific pair. (Christian Louboutin So Kate in Black)

Well, a few weeks ago Zach asked me if he were to someday get a pair of them for me, what size would I wear.

To my embarrassment, I had no idea.  I grew up in Maine, then moved to Massachusetts…I had no business putting on $600+ shoes in either state!  I told him that I would have to go down to LA to go to a Saks or Barney’s and try them on.

This last weekend, I had off from work so Zach and I decided to take his BMW to Santa Monica and go to the mall, and just take some time to relax from both of our jobs, and the unpacking and decorating of the house.

Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in the Santa Monica mall did not have the shoes, so Zach brought me all the way down to Beverly Hills, to the Barney’s New York, to let me try on my coveted Christian Louboutin heels, and he ended up buying them for me for Christmas.

Can I just say…I try to be a pretty humble person. I never want to make anyone feel less of themselves because of what they have or do not have.  I do truly believe that true character comes from how you treat others…

That being said…walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with a Barney’s New York bag, with Christian Louboutins in the bag…I don’t think I stopped smiling…(even after my boyfriend made me run after an Uber car…)

My boyfriend is to thank (obviously). He made sure that I was happy with the purchase and he has been nothing but amazing since day 1.  I am the luckiest woman on earth to have him with me on this road, and in my life in general.  Zach, you surprise me with the things you say and how you treat me everyday.  I am grateful for you everyday and I hope that you know how appreciated you are.  I love you to the death star and back. <3

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