What I’m Wearing – Superbowl Edition

The Superbowl means a lot of things for a lot of people.

Some people watch the Superbowl for the halftime show only, some people watch for the commercials, some people go to the parties for the food, but then there are people like me…I watch because I love the game.

I may be biased…I am a Patriots fan, and my team is (obviously) in the Superbowl again. We are on our way to our sixth ring under Brady and Belichick.

I know I may be a crappy Patriots fan, but regardless of who wins the Superbowl, it is going to be a great game. The Eagles have done really well this year, and they deserve all the same respect as the Patriots. They have earned their spot in this game.

But enough with the sports talk…what I’m wearing is JUST as important!!!!

I have a multitude of Patriots shirts, as any true patriots fan should…so I will be wearing one of those, plus a pair of skinny jeans, as well as my lucky patriots shoes.

I know you know the shoes I am talking about.  Glittery, silver, Patriots emblem on the sides….6″ heel?

Yea! Those are the ones!   One of my friends bought them for me a few years ago and I wear them for every game that I watch.  It is a tradition, and they’re “lucky”.

Regardless of why you are watching the game…for the food, the Superbowl, Halftime, the commercials, or just because your team is playing, it is going to be a great night and I cannot wait to see my boys play. Best of luck to both the Patriots and the Eagles.

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