AmiClubwear Review – Thigh High Boots Sue

I have a love and hate relationship with thigh high boots.

In theory, I love thigh high boots. They’re fashionable, they have sex appeal, and can be really flattering to an outfit if worn correctly: which brings me to my next point.

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Totally Worth It!

There are some things in fashion that are completely worth the money.

I have three of these items that, while I know are expensive, they are necessary.

Dior Addict – Eau de Toilette

When I was in France, I spent the majority of my money I received from nanny-ing on clothes, shoes, fragrances, makeup, and traveling.   One of my favorite purchases, which happened within the last two weeks of my time in France, was Dior Addict Eau de Toilette. This has since become my signature fragrance.  It currently sells at Overstock for roughly $62.00.

Femme Couture – Liquid Black Eyeliner

I am a frequent shopper at Sally Beauty.  I get the majority of all of my beauty products from there. My absolute favorite product they have is the Femme Couture Liquid Eyeliner. I love the formula and the ease to apply.  The brush is much like a nail polish brush, but *obviously* smaller.  My cat-eye lasts all day and easily is removed with a makeup remover towelette.  Sally Beauty currently sells this product for $6.00. It is absolutely worth the money!

One N Only – Argan Oil Hair Mask

My hair is deceptively thin, and used to be brittle, and rough.   I have been using One N Only Argan Hair Mask for almost a year and I can say with absolute certainty, that it is because of this mask. It takes 5-7 minutes in the shower.   Apply it after washing the shampoo out of your hair, apply the mask throughout your hair and scalp, leave it for 5 minutes and wash out.  The moment you wash this mask out, your hair feels like silk! Currently you can buy this product at Sally Beauty for $9.99

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How to Survive a Blizzard

I am not sure how many of my readers and followers have been through a blizzard but I can attest that they suck.

A blizzard is characterized as snow falling, or whipping snow for a duration of 3 hours or more.

Right now, I am going on hour 5…so I am hunkered down for the day. Luckily I have the ability to work from home.

Here is how I prepare and survive a blizzard:



I need coffee during the week.  I surprisingly do not drink coffee on weekends unless I had a rough night before. So I need to have coffee.   Since I am a New Englander, my coffee is iced. However, if I am staying home, I will drink hot coffee.  So my first necessity when going through a blizzard is coffee.


Rarely do I ever get cold.  I am not one of those girls who complains about being cold, or is cold all the time.  I am a furnace so if I am cold for some terrible reason, it is strange to me, so I need a comfortable and cozy pair of slippers.  Obviously since I am not going anywhere all day, I am dressing for nobody…These slippers are from DressBarn as part of their holiday collection.  They’re SO comfortable and very warm!

Fully Charged External Battery: 

I was never part of the girl scouts, but I like to think that I can be prepared for most situations, blizzards included. I am from Maine so I am no stranger to snow, sleet, freezing rain and a general nor’easter.  So one thing that I always have is a backup external charger, fully charged so if my power goes out and my phone is half dead, I have a way to charge it and ensure I can contact someone in an emergency…like not having anymore coffee in the house.  The photo is of a charger called “pocket juice” you can buy at BestBuy for $20.00

Comfort Food: 

If I know I am going to have to stay inside all day, I need to be prepared to be munching all day long. At work I don’t have time to do that, but if I am home? All bets are off, I am raiding my pantry.  Mostly I have something a-brew in my Crock Pot like chicken and dumplings, beef stew, chili, or some kind of chowder or soup. I also need the basic food items of salty, savory, spicy and sweet…because if  craving comes along and the weather outside is frightful, I need to make sure my ass is covered.


This is a no-brainer right? If it gets to be 6-7pm and the power is still out, it is nice to have at least some light!  It also helps that the light is also aromatic 😉

The storm should be done in a few hours so I will continue to drink my coffee and wait it out…at some point I guess I am going to have to clean my car off and shovel myself out of here.

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