10 Ways You Know You Work Retail

About two months ago, I transitioned from working in logistics, upwards of 50-60 hours a week, and waves of stress that made me lose weight and my hair to fall out, to working retail.

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Ode to my Stirrup Leggings

This last week, as I am getting all of my fall clothing ready to go…I realized that I have a lot more boots than I normally have, and that I will be in need of leggings to go underneath them very soon.

That being said…I hate putting my leg into a boot with any kind of pants on…leggings, jeans, etc.

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Baby Feet Review – Part 2

I know it has been a few weeks since my last Baby Feet blog, but life happens whether you like it or not!

Let me just preface this blog post with a few things.   I decided not to take photos of my feet intensely peeling…it was a gross experience and I really did not feel like sharing how gross they looked with the world, however, I do have photos of my feet currently as the last part of my feet that have begun peeling are the arches, so if photos of feet, or dead skin creep you out. I would not scroll to the bottom of this blog.  I purposely put them at the end of the blog so that people can at least read my review without seeing nasty photos.

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